Position/Title: Head (Albrecht-Kossel-Institute for Neuroregeneration), W3 Professor

Address University of Rostock; Gehlsheimerstr. 20, 18147 Rostock, Germany

Tel: +49-381-4949540; Fax: +49-381-4949542




1978 – 1985 Human Medicine (University of Mainz and Vienna)

1985 Approbation for human medicine

1985 Medical Thesis (University of Mainz)

1985-1991 Resident at the Department of Neurology and Department of Psychiatry, Free University Berlin

1991-1993 MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin (Prof. Dr. K Mölling)

1993 Consultant for Neurology and Psychiatry; Vice-Director at the Department of Neurology, University of Rostock

1995 Habilitation

1997 Tenure track professorship (C3-Professor) for clinical Neurology

Since 1998 Principal investigator of several international multicenter studies in the area of rare diseases (e.g. sifap-project; world largest study in young stroke patients;

Since 2008 Director (W3) of Albrecht-Kossel-Institute, Medical Faculty, University Rostock



Since 1991 Consultant for more than 25 international biotech companies

2001 Co-founder of Arcensus AG (Berlin) and Genebanking AG (Berlin)



From 185 original publications; total citations: 4,176 ; h-index: 30

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